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Caviar Oscietre Signature


Our Signature caviars reflect the style and quality of the Caviar de Neuvic brand. This caviar is elegant and vibrant. Its medium-sized eggs, quite firm with golden hues and of generous size, burst in the mouth, revealing subtle marine notes reminiscent of the freshness and delicacy of the oyster.

The sturgeons that give us our caviar are all raised in the optimal conditions of regularly renewed good quality water, organic food, low population density and little handling. The ossetra sturgeon is a well-known species when it comes to caviar. Its taste, both powerful and structured, makes it appreciated by all pallets, even the most expert. Choosing the Signature range is a guarantee of a caviar that meets Caviar de Neuvic’s quality standards, know-how and respect for the environment.



Sturgeon roe (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii), salt, E285



Available in: 30g, 50g and 100g

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