Lobster, Bacon & Avocado Toastie

You’ve heard of a lobster roll, but have you ever tried adding bacon, avocado and tarragon mayo to that? This version uses picked lobster meat, so no messing around with whole lobsters and shells. It also uses sliced brioche which is easier to find in your local supermarket than the usual rolls (you can also fit more lobster in). The perfect brunch treat on a Sunday, accompanied by a Bloody Mary of course!
Makes 3 toasties Cooking Time: 30 mins
300 – 350g lobster meat (1 pack)
3 tbsp good quality mayonnaise
3 sprigs of tarragon, leaves removed and finely chopped
½ stalk of celery, very finely diced
Squeeze of lemon juice
A few drops of Tabasco
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper
1 avocado, thinly sliced
6 slices of brioche
1 tbsp softened unsalted butter
1 baby gem lettuce
  1. Defrost the lobster meat, cut any larger pieces so the pieces are all about the same size and strain in a sieve to get rid of any excess liquid.
  2. Mix together the mayonnaise, chopped tarragon, celery, lemon juice, Tabasco, salt & pepper and set aside
  3. Lightly butter both sides of the brioche slices, toast in a pan over a medium heat until deep golden brown.
  4. Heat a little oil in a frying pan, fry the bacon until crispy & drain on some kitchen paper to remove any excess oil.
  5. Place 2-3 leaves of baby gem on one slice of brioche, and the sliced avocado and bacon on the other. Mix the lobster meat into the mayonnaise mixture then spoon on top of the little gem, put the two halves together and enjoy!